monkey princess
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2001-12-11 18:02:52 (UTC)


Yesterday me and my boyfriend decided to pull out the
Thesauraus and look up words that we use frequently to see
if we're using them correctly or if we're just a bunch of
stupid jack-asses. He says I use the word "utterly" alot.
Especially in combination with the word "completely" For
example I would say " that is completely and utterly
absurd". Obviously it is redundant for me to
say "completely and utterly" but I say that as a way of
emphasizing my deep emotions regarding whatever it is I'm
saying. He says he doesn't like the way it sounds. He
says "Whatever" a lot. That's basically his way of
saying "I'm better than you" or "I know more than you"
or "I'm smarter and your a stupid piece of poop-pie in a
pantry cupboard" That should be the description in the

Oh, I'm rambling again. Regardless. There's not enough
poop-pie's in this world. We should organize a "Poop-pie
recruiting agency. We can send out recruiters. They can
set up tables at high schools and universities, and they
can educate the students on the importance of investing
your life into a career of "poop-pie". You should be able
to access career information through the career center's in
your community concerning the training and qualifications
needed to become a certified "poop-pier". Of course the
federal government will ensure the distribution of funds
and grants to help those less fortunate people to achieve
their dreams of "poop pieness" where am I going here?
I don't know, why are these entry areas so short, what if I
need to write more. It doesn't seem fair that I should get
cut short. Or maybe not.
Oh there is a continuance. (Is that how you spell that. )