ye olde diarey of neville
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2001-12-11 17:44:05 (UTC)

Season of consumerism

I don't particularly like this time of year because it's so
false. I'm not xian so why do I end up celebrating xmas? I
was thinking about this last night, would I celebrate xmas
with my kids just because it's a tradition, cos what if I
didn't. Because of the way society is , and has developed,
my children may grow up confused, that all their friends
are celebrating while we aren't. Hmmm, maybe i'll organise
my own reasons for giving and receiving presents...cos
that's really the St.Nicholas thing, not Jesus. Yet still
allow my children to be aware of xianity and all the other
religions, as they have the freedom to make up their own
minds about what they do and do not believe.
Man, that really is looking too far into the
future...although it's nice to look at your life from
different angles sometimes.
Hey Mrs.Goulden(history teacher) said that I had an
original mind today. She said I had the ability to look at
things from different angles and that she respected me.
Mrs. Smith(history too) said that last year. I guess i'm
That's better than someone saying you're good at work,
that's something personal, and almost like advice,
something that you'll remember. I think the best piece of
advice i've had lately was from Joe, "Get your priorities
It's proved quite useful, although my main priority: work,
seems to keep slipping down the list. Which is quite scarey
when you know your future kinda depends upon it.
Oh well, there's more to life than work, and to become an
archaeologist I can just get there through experience, if
need be, but then I'm at school for a reason.

Why can't I just go and live in South America, namely East
Timor, and become a guerilla terrorist?