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2001-12-11 16:50:23 (UTC)

awake time. yawn. i had mad..

awake time.
i had mad crazy sex last night.
so its almost fucking christmas and i havent gotten
anything for anyone yet.
i need to.
i feel like spending money today..
but i want to see emily.
and i know that shopping after were together will not be an
option. =)
maybe i will attempt to go shopping on wed.
while emily is with hollie and after i get lunch with my
sister and her mom.
maybe ill just wait until after finals are over and i have
ample time to do whatever i want.
good idea ashley.

james and shawn and emily and i went to the waffle house
last night.
it made me happy.
even though emily hates it there...
but i think we all had a good time.
i did.

thank you baby.

i am really tired.
and chris is annoying me.

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