Sweet Musings of a Teenager
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2001-12-11 12:51:31 (UTC)

Rest In Peace Virginia Lee Weaver

On February 23,2001, I was chilling with my friend Ashley at a parade(I live in New Orleans) looking at all the fine guys and having fun. But that fun was tradgedy about 9:50 that night.
Somewhere out in River Ridge, My friend Virginia Weaver was driving down Jefferson Highway with a few ppl. She, along with Jenny Kimball, another girl that went to our school, were in the back. As soon as they got to Marmande ave, the street were Virginia lived, another car,driven by my ex's stepdad Frank, came crashing into the side of the car Virginia was in.
Jenny came flying through the car window and landed in a ditch. She stood up in the ditch then fell and died. The car came crashing on her and she was crushed.
Virginia, however, was crushed from the side. They rushed her to the hospital and there,she passed away.
:( Its weird cuz just that Thursday I was chattin to Virginia and laughing with her. And the next day shes dead.I keep on thinking she's still alive. Still living,breathing this precious air mankind shares on earth. Virginia was fourteen years old. She was just a little girl,with a big future ahead of her. She was always jolly,always happy. She could still be here,preparing to go to High School next year,hanging with her friends. Laughing.Talking.Breathing.I mean,I could see Virginia,in 20 years,living in one of those cute little houses with a white picket fence and two sweet,beautiful kids,just like their mother,running around. She would have a great husband who would keep that smile on her face. I keep thinking Virginia is still alive,but realize I will never "Meet Virginia" Again. Monday,she will walk in homeroom,smiling and looking pretty,as always,and go to her classes as the rest of us would. I always seem to think...wish...that she is here. But shes not. Shes away.Shes gone. Shes dead.
RIP Virginia Lee Weaver
January 6th 1987-February 23,2001

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