Sweet Musings of a Teenager
2001-12-11 12:43:27 (UTC)

Im 13 Years Old and Lost It To Soon

I prefer abstience over pre-martial sex.If your gonna do it at least make sure you love the person and truly know them. Don't be so young and do it to soon like I did. Im 13 and I lost my virginity to my 19 year old ex-boyfriend(bf at the time) within only the first 2 weeks of knowing him.We went out for 3 months and the only bad thing we did is I went out with another guy for two days and he kissed my ex best friend for 5-10 minitues and fingered her and she jacked him off. At least thats what I thought. Just a two months ago, I dumped him and after that, I found out from his best friend(who is like a brother to me) that he cheated on me more than a few times and slept with other girls too.I know he wasn't lying cuz he had just found out before he told me that we broke up and I knew he wasn't lying about that, he's not that type of person. well anyways, everyone else told me he cheated on me but I was to blind to see until his best friend told me. we told each other about the me seeing that other guy on the side/him kissing that girl. I only slept with him 3 times(thank god I didn't get pregnant) and after that I told him I didn't want to anymore(I had a pregnancy scare once and was afraid to do it again) and maybe thats when he started to cheat. I feel soooo stupid for sleeping with him. So to all yall gurls out there all I gotta say is be smart and realize the safest sex is no sex. Virgins, Please make sure you are really ready for it. Don't make the mistake I did. Its not the fact that I regret doing it,its that it was with HIM. I wish I would have lost it to the right person. So please be smart!!! Sex is good,but not THAT good to waste it. I don't know about yall but I believe in pre-martial sex not pre-love sex.I made a vow to myself only to have sex with people that Iam in love with and at the moment its only one guy.I thought I was pregnant,I had all the symptoms of it but I was punched in the stomach and other things a few times so I think I lost it. But please,if your gonna have sex,please make sure its with the right person,be safe and aware of the consuquences.Thank you