Sweet Musings of a Teenager
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2001-12-11 12:39:19 (UTC)

Amanda,Wesley,Me and Felicia!!!!!

I can't believe Im actually over Wesley(my first love).Amanda(one of my bff) loves him now, and used to go out with him,just like me.The last time I talked to her a week or two ago before I got kicked out of school(long story),I was still in love with him but I was slowly getting over him at the time.Sadly,Whiskey(thats his nickname) won't go out with no one because he is in love with his ex girlfriend,that wench Felicia who I do NOT like.And shes not to fond of me either. Last year,when she was going out with Wesley,she knew how I felt about him and she told me off because of it saying some crap like "Oh,hes mine and not yours.He likes me and not you so just straight up no,ok?".Then her and Wesley break up,I hear she blames it on me,so on the last day of school she comes up to me,and hits me in the face with a textbook. Now I didn't know what to do so out of quick reaction,I went to the discipline(sp?) office. Felicia found out and got all paranoid and stuff. Being in 8th grade and me being in 7th last year,she was going to high school. I told Wesley what happened and he laughed. He told me that whenever she comes back,to kick her ass.I doubt that will be happening though.Usually,Felicia comes back at the end of every school year to visit her mom. She was here at the beginning of 7th grade,then she had to leave cuz her parents got divorced. She was cool then and all but when she came back,talk about major B.I.T.C.H!!!! But anyways,the reason I got kicked out of school is because I was on a permit cuz Riverdale was in Jefferson Parish and I lived in Orleans,and I was failing and absent a lot so they revoked my permit.Now I have to go back to my old elementary school(goes up to 8th) until we move out to Jefferson parish,where I can definetley go back to Riverdale. Im defintley going to Riverdale High though,cuz we will surley be out there by then. Im gonna miss everybody,all my friends and hopefully they will miss me. I dyed my hair blond(it used to be red,not super red,but red) and Wesley likes blondes,so I went with my cousins mom to go pick her up @ Riverdale High School and Wesley walked by,saw me and looked really shocked.It was pretty cool.That was the moment I knew I was over him cuz when I saw him,I felt nothing. But anyways,Im rooting on Amanda,I really want her to be happy and I know for a fact she will be happy with Wesley. He says he likes her but hes to obbsessed with that stupid thing Felicia.I wish he would just get over her and go out with Amanda.Its really aggravating.Anyways,see ya.