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2001-12-11 08:30:06 (UTC)

Flying without wings............

Things are just great fro the moment, I cant belive its
only two weeks ago I was the most depressed girl in the
whole universe.
But Im glad things are like this, up and down, the I
appreciate the good times more.
Things at home are just grat, my father is beeing really
good to me, always asking me if I want him to drive me when
Im going out, I live 20 minutes from the busstop so thats
nice. Karoline and Garce are okey, my mum are much more
happy now and everythig exept from Samuel is better than
ever. (and my thing with Stian of curse)
Today when I get home Im gonna run over to Samuel right
away and see how it`s going.
He`s probobly much better now, I always get worrid for
nothing when it comes to him. Well, maybe thats love.

Even though Chris made me realy happy this weekend, its one
name I cant get out of my head S*.....
I`ll have to find some time to talk to him before he`ll go
home to celebrate Christmas. And that is by the end of this
week, I dont know the date exactly, maybe thats best. His
birthday is on Sunday, I`ll have to mcome up with something
special then, but I dont want it to be something I can get
embaressed over later on.

We`ll see about how things gonna be when we get there, from
now on we make the road as we walk. Thats not like me, I
like to plan everything so I get controll over every

Well, gotta go, some of us have a bis access test on
Friday, bah.