The Craig "Crazy Cooter/Machine" Kazda
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2001-12-11 07:46:20 (UTC)

Well, lets get started, shall we!!!

Well, here we are. My own online journal. What am I doing
this for you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, I really
don't know. I think that I am just trying to find a way to
kill time I suppose. But through my rants, I hope that I
can at least entertain you with the pathetic details of my

Lets get started though, because I have a lot of ground to
cover in a short amount of time. For all of those out there
who know me, I am sorry that I have to put you through
this. As you could tell by the title of my journal, I am
Craig Kazda. Some people call me "Crazy Cooter" while
people here at college call me "The Machine". You can call
me either, or none of the above. I could really care less.
I am a fresh here at LVC (Lebanon Valley College) and am
studying political science; so don't save any of this. It
could probably be used against me in a future campaign.
Sadly, I do have plans of running for public office in the
near future. I would like to make a run for State House in
2006, 2008, or 2010. But I probably won't win from my home
district because I live in such I highly Republican
territory. I curse my mother for giving birth to me in
Adams County. Darn You!!!

Anyway, now that I have that out of my system, we can move
on. I went to Biglerville High School. What? You haven't
heard of it! What a shock!!! It is 6 miles north of
Gettysburg. Oh ya! I have heard of that! Where the big
battle happened! If you ask me anything about Gettysburg
though, I will be forced to hurt you. I really don't know
what to say about my life in high school. I am what many
call a "band geek" and that would probably be the best name
for it too. I basically lived there. After 8 years of work,
you learn to become good at Xylophone. Now I am an
instructor for their Marching and Indoor Drumline programs,
but that is my own personal little hell wich I will have to
tell you about later.

Anyway, the only other major thing that happened to me in
high school is that I was a Pennsylvania History Day
champion with my two friends Kim Daniloski and Clay Himes.
would have thought that "Galileo and the Inquisition: The
Musical" would have made it as far as it did. Regional
Champs and State Champs. We didn't go far at the National
Level, but oh well. They did rank us as Excellent, but that
didn't get us to the finals. But I am cool with that. What
pisses me off to this day is that we didn't get a plaque in
the high school for it. Other people are state champs in
wrestling, or the tractor pull for FFA, and they get a
plaque on the wall. Us? NOPE! What is the deal with that?

Now I am here at LVC, which is cool. I live in a triple
room (which mean that I have two other roommates), but one
is never there, so it is basically just a double. Matt, the
third roommate, we like to call the "Invisible Partner" or
the "Phantom Roommate"! My other roommate is an alcoholic.
He feels that if he brings it into the room, it is better
than drinking it at a party. Let me think about this? ....


But it is entertaining to watch these people get drunk. You
can get them to do just about anything you want. One time,
I got Scott P. to drink two bottles of water by telling him
it was vodka. That was an interesting night to say the
least. Drinking dropped off after Elizabeth's death though
in September, but now it is back in full swing. Everyone,
except for myself, is taking part in the action. Here are
two questions that I would like answered though. A) Where
do the get all of the alcohol? B) Why do the want to drink
so badly? I am working on those issues as we speak. I was
gone all this weekend, as some of you know because of my IM
away message that said that I was at band. I wasn't at band
all that time, but I wasn't at LVC. From what I heard, it
was a wild weekend, and I wasn't here to baby sit them all.
Maybe that is a good thing. Last night, I got to baby sit
though as my roommate and Dan went through 10 Yinglin
Loggers. LUCKY ME!!!!!!! Then Andy came in, and we had a
interesting discussion about what it was like for him to be
gay. There were some things that I just didn't need to know
about Andy. His sex life was one of those. I will let you
know more about Andy in a little bit. But he went into
great detail about what him and his boyfriend did, and what
they tried to do. I don't have a problem with it, but I
just didn't need to know. I also didn't need to know what
guys on the hall he thought were cute. I sadly (or luckily,
depending on how you look at it) did not make is list.

But let me give you a little crash course on what my life
at LVC has been like thus far. It started with band (what a
shock!!!) where I got the nickname "The Machine" only three
days after being here at LVC. I got that name because I had
my music memorized by the third day. I guess this shocked
some people. It was just what I was used to doing. Then
that Saturday of my first week, I had the Foam Dance. Just
imagine a rubber dance floor with four rubber walls, and a
big bubble machine that pumps bubbles onto the dance floor.
It was great, and it was also the first time I meet Cathy.
Cathy is this girl here at LVC that I sorta liked until two
weeks ago. I think I have lost all hope of anything
happening now. Oh well. What can I do? So the next few
months move basically without incident. I go through the
motions of classes, building relationships with friends and
such. Now I have my circle of core friends. To make my life
easier, I will do role call now.

Scott-My roommate-Yes, he is an alcoholic (although he says
he is not. The reasoning? "He is a drunk. Alcoholics go to
meetings"!) I thought that at least it was creative. He has
been caught twice now, and has made the Dean's List, but it
isn't the one for academic excellence. I think that they
are on a first name basis now. But he is cool though, and
very friendly. I can't complain. I hear people's roommate
horror stories and realize how great I have it. I can't

Matt-My other roommate-That is all I know about him!

Ricky-He lives next door. For the first week of school, he
was the man-whore, but now he is in a relationship with
Becky. How long that relationship lasts is up to Becky. He
is cool though. He is a band geek, like myself, so we get
along well. We normally play games or just come to my room
and talk about his stinky roommate, Andy.

Andy-What a perfect transition! Andy is Ricky's roommate.
He is also gay, but not the only one on my hall. There are
three total, but I only know of one more. The question of
the hall is "who is the third gay?" but that question may
never be answered. Andy has a few problems that have seemed
to work themselves out. At the beginning of the year, he
was very creepy, and he became know as the "Creepy Gay",
but we broke him out of that phase. Now his major problem
is that he doesn't wear shoes and doesn't shower, so he
stinks. Now we call him the "Stinky Gay". The problem is
that he feels that if he showers for three days straight
and then does not take a shower for three days, that it
averages out to a shower every other day. I am sorry, it
does not work that way! For days, his room smelled awful. I
ended up taking Ricky in as a refugee. But now he is taking
showers again, and we are all happy.

Becky-She lives down stairs on FE1 (Funk East-1st Floor)
and dates Ricky. But as I mentioned earlier, they are close
to breaking up, but Becky hasn't decided when she is going
to do it. Hopefully before break! The time off could play
to her advantage. It could also make things a lot worse.
Who is to say? What is funny is that I used to go to school
with her. Before I moved to Biglerville, I went to
Fairfield, which is where Becky is from. I knew her for
years. Now she is here at LVC and I am a great friend with
her. I give her all of the male advice that she needs. I
don't help her much, but at least I get her to laugh. To
make her even better, she loves Broadway Shows!!! What
could be better?

Olivia-Campus Whore-What else can I say. She is in my room
all the time. Not for me of course, but for Scott. Nothing
ever happens though. She calls me the "Sex Machine"! I am a
little disturbed. I just find it funny that I know the
campus whore. Just thought that you would like to know.

Cheryl-Another from FE1. We talk a lot about random stuff.
The other night, I gave her my entire life story. Then she
made me give her a quiz on it at the end. She did
relatively well for everything I told her. Nice gal. Has a
boyfriend. DARN IT! I can't get a break here at LVC.

Everyone else I will tell you about later.

So, it is getting late. I will leave it at this for
tonight, but here is what you have to look forward to next

-Indoor Drumline (my personal HELL!!!)
-Finals Week (" " ")
-The Halloween Party
-The Winter Formal
-The Christmas Shindig
-The Story of Cathy
-Random LVC Marching Band Stories
-Plus whatever I can remember and whatever happens to me in
the next day or so!
-All this and Andy Ronnie on the next 60 Minutes! HAHAHA

Talk to ya later

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