Nick's Journal
2001-12-11 07:14:23 (UTC)

Exam Week

Ah, the time is upon us. The time to show what we're made
of! Exam Time! Now if you're like me, this time is sorta
like being in a burning house, with the jump out the
window or the burning to death like a piece of fried
chicken scenario. I decide to jump out the window and
maybe i'll hit the ole' trampoline thing or whatever with
a good grade on my exam or I fail it and come crashing
down and have my ass jump out of my mouth.
What I love are the dumbasses that fucked aroudn all
semester and now go crazy as they realize that KFC doesn't
offer too many forks in the road. This is where I sit
back and laugh as the jock who didn't do his group work
now realizes that he's going to have to start thinking
bout catching some other balls to start making money.
Another thing i love now are the desperate failing
freshmen who try to milk all the parties as they realize
that their college fantasy is slowly slipping away like
their sobriety.
For example, there was this one freshman who looked like
he was five years old. Let's call him macgyver. See the
keg was broken (more specifically the pump was). So
macgyver in his deseperate dedication to drink he takes it
apart. Now emily beat me to the sarcastic comment, as she
indicated that the fetus was trying to act like he
actually learned something, even if it is something
pathetic like pretending to know how to "fix" a keg.
Then there's something else.
There are TWO FUCKING DOORS to every entrance at our
humble college. One is for walking IN, the other is for
walking OUT. Normal, smart, human beings do not try to
use one for both. It's like sex. There's one for IN, one
for OUT, and one for BOTH, which is like the doggy door,
because you know they come in and out of the same
opening ;-). Yeah I'm stupid. but not as dumb as the
mongrel idiot that got stuck with john that one time in
the door. John used the right one and the guy tried to
beat him through it. What a downsie, I wonder how he got
in here........apparently through the back door.
Oh yeah, and what's wiht groups?
Emily and I are sitting and talking and two dumb ass
destined for mediocrity, wanna-be "home-maker", girls come
up to us and ask us if we're the "psych group." Ok, it's
alright ot be a total fucking retard, but shouldn't you
atleast know your group. Shit, monkeys through feces at
each other and masturbate in public, but i don't see them
asking me if i'm with the "psych group."