My Thoughts
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2001-12-11 06:57:37 (UTC)

2 down ... 1 to go ...

So last night got much better when we brought the gift to
Andy. I realized I was being unneccesarily jealous, so I
got over it. We went to Tahoe Joe's which was really good
but a little expensive. But it was nice to spend time with
Andy and Ash. They're awesome. I'm going to miss times like
those :( I studied until 1:30 and then talked to Anna for
awhile which was nice. I love late night talks, they're
always the best.

Today was pretty good. I had my american history final. I
think i did pretty good, so thats nice. I had an interview
with Mario, and Nate was there which was a little nerve-
wracking because Mario kept telling me things I'd need to
know, so I'm worried that Nate will ask me during oral
questioning : But I guess we'll see. I worked on our study
guide more with Alia today. Thats always fun. she makes me
feel funny which is nice. We did the survey too, that was
really funny. the responses are great. I love my pledge
bros. I have one more final left, and it isn't till
thursday night, so we'll see how much i study tomorrow.
Probably not a whole lot but hopefully I'll do some packing
and cleaning and stuff. I think i may be getting sick
again...but whats new? Other than that, nothing too
eventful today.