Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-12-11 06:47:15 (UTC)

Music of Nature

As I have said before

when there are many things put upon you, you
have to prioritize.

Well, today, I was busy in the reshuffling process. What
took the top spot? I don't really know. All I know is
that I _feel_ good once again; the balance is restored; the
harmony intact.

Tomorrow is a new day, granted. But, well, what can I do
about that?

I like how certain movies have 'flow' to them. It's
fluidness takes you along a stream of new sights and
sounds, of new plot twists, of suspenseful foreshadowing.
I like movies like that. (that are that way..?)

Music has 'flow', and so do mathematical expressions. As
you hammer out an equation into its simplest form, by using
every trick ever learnt since grade school, you can feel
the music of nature flowing right through you and guiding
your hand at a thousand different places.

When I was first introduced to heavy metal music, I
couldn't believe that what I was hearing was considered
music. A lone guy would wail several octaves higher than
the chorus of guitars behind/underneath him and scream
hardly legible utterances about a character meting out
death, or the thrill of riding a motorbike, or of feelings
of pain and pleasure. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MUSIC? It's
the devil's music, it's EVIL. But I couldn't get the notes
out of my head...I started to sing the songs...I began to
like what I heard. Discordant cacophony is what I first
called it, concordant symphony is what I then called it, as
I tuned into the soul of the sound of electrified guitars
crashing like waves against a shore that was my nerves, and
the drumbeats that led my heart, to the sole figure that
yelled out his deathcry. It was the music of nature in its
rawest form, pulling you into its cycle of destruction and
creation...with my being and form to follow.