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2001-12-11 06:07:35 (UTC)

Two weeks till Christmas!

It's two weeks till christmas. I don't know if I can
wait. In theory, I guess I have to though, right? This
weekend was really fun. I went shopping like, four times
and bought some cute stuff for me and some presents for my
friends. Rusty called me Sat. night while I was
out....four times at midnight!! He really made my brother
mad. He does this thing now where he calls from his house
and if I don't answer or no one is home, he blocks his
number and calls back. I think he thinks I am avoiding
him. I didn't go to school today. I called him from my
moms work. I have to say, I was pretty damn mean. I don't
regret it though. I am trying to stay up all night. I
hope things go well and I am hyper enough tomorrow to make
it through the day. ~Beth~