Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-11 06:03:59 (UTC)


I wrote in my other journal site but it froze so I am here
to say that i am sorry to the person that thinks I am
trying to copy her. She's the last person in the world that
I want to fight with. We never fight. I can only think of a
few times that we ever did, and they were minor and I don't
remember them. I don't try and be like other people. I am
influenced by other people, but everyone is. Without you i
wouldn't know Jeff, I wouldn't be afraid to do things that
scare me. You are a huge part of my life and without u I
wouldn't know as much as I know, I wouldn't know a lot of
the people know and i would make dumbass mistakes because i
wouldn't have you to tell me what I need to hear. Don't let
things bother u like the fact that I roll my pants. It
looks good. I like all kinds of music. You open me up to a
lot of it. I wouldn't know who New Amsterdams was if it
weren't for you. If things bother you, tell me. I know you
were joking earlier but i want you to be happy for me that
I'm going out with a guy on Thursday. If it bothers you,
tell me and I'll either stop doing it or I'll figure
something out. I love you ker, I'll talk to you later.

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