monkey princess
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2001-12-11 05:41:46 (UTC)

Monday 12/10/01

It's the rainy days like these that make me crazy. Maybe I
just appear crazier. Or maybe just to myself.
Consequently, I can't rememeber the last time I felt normal,
or at least what it means to be normal by sociological
standards: The masses. Who's to say I won't take out a gun
and blow my brains out, and maybe take out a couple other
people while I'm doing it. I could. Easily. So what
differentiates the "crazies" from the sane ones. Remorse.
Remorse separates morbid acts of terror from human nature.
Strange how everything is a level higher than something
else. Can two things really be exactly the same?
Somewhere, if you were to comb through every inch of the two
identical objects, down to their simplest proton, you would
find some kind of mutation from it's sibling. Some
inevitable distinction that is extremely relevent to the
existence of said object, so as to explain the reasoning for

Take no prisoners.
Take no prisoners.
Take no prisoners.
Take no prisoners.
Take no prisoners.
Take no prisoners.

What does that mean. Does that mean to achieve your life's
destiny if it means compromising the lives of others? How
enriched would your life be if you were to adapt a life of
selfish pride -indulged fullfillment. Or maybe that's the
way to go. Surrendering to your every desire. Throwing
yourself, like a beaten whore. Selling myself to feed that
unsatiable need to live every second as if it was the last
moment of my life. Afraid that any moment in my life that
is not spent either learning, loving, enjoying,
enlightening, hating, moving and so on and so forth, will
bring me closer to death.

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