The Basement
2001-12-11 05:31:03 (UTC)


...I myte as well get straight to the point ryte now.
I'm depressed...I dun kno y....maybe its da confusion dese
days..ya kno 'bout regina in mah previous entry?
Just a few min ago J told meh she lykes her friend.
Its aiite with me. really...I had dis small voice in mah
head dat keeps on chanting dat dis myte happen someway or
another. J have all the right to lyke whoever she choses
and its non of my business to say anything....but it still
hurts ya kno? I've tried to make J happy even though theirs
dis huge gap between us. if only...I'm trying to give her
so much more 'cept deres not much I kan do so faraway.
I guess its pretty fair in a way. Jay is so much better
then me so she deserves the best. *sigh* maybe it would be
good if we broke up? it would make her life alot easier. I
feel lyke I'm getting in the way... I dun kno wat to do
anymore... I guess I'd still be here waiting even if we do
break up. It's up to J. I have no right to get in her way.
But whoever she choses better be good to her or else I just
myte use mah saving to go down dere and personally strangle
that person with thier own tounge! Watever... I feel weird
now... mkay "just smile and nod" theres mah schedule for

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