Adia's Crusade
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2001-12-11 04:52:55 (UTC)

So I lied.


So I lied about leaving you alone until tomorrow. I feel like writing right now, and I'm not going to deny myself
that little pleasure.

Meet Alyson. Remember my former best friend Amy? Amy's a year younger than I am, and Alyson is her older
sister. Alyson is my age. Anyway, Alyson says she considers me her best friend. Unfortunately, I can't say the
same about her. She's clingy....the past four or five weekends she's spent the night. I don't blame her; Amy's
this pageant-winning model teen queen type, and the favorite of her mom and stepdad. Sometimes they don't
even speak to Alyson. It's makes things really hard for Ally just cos she's not as pretty and popular and
perfect as Amy. The truth is, Amy's kinda stuck up.

The thing about Ally is that she's really kind of...dishonest....I guess skanky would be an okay word. She's
cheating on her current boyfriend with this guy Scott. And you can't forget that Scott has a girlfriend too.
It's sad...they've been making out in the halls after school and stuff. I feel really bad for Ally's b/f because
he knows about it but cares too much about her to break it off. Meanwhile, Ally says she loves her b/f, but
"needs more than he's giving her." In other words, she's way into the physical aspects of a relationship, and
her b/f wants to take it slow.

The thing about Scott is that he's a really good friend of mine. It makes me feel bad to see that he's such a
jerk toward his g/f (she's from a different town, and has no idea). And she's not the only one. Scott's cheated
on 2 of his last 3 g/f's, and the only reason he didn't cheat on the third was because (surprise!) it was Amy, and
she's so demanding that they broke up after less than a week.

Which brings me back to Amy. It's funny, but Amy was totally cruel toward me near the end of our friendship,
but she was really the best friend I've ever had. And the weirdest thing is, even when I hated her, I still
loved her like a sister. I trusted Amy, and she took my trust and threw it back in my face. But I just wish we
could still be friends, because we had a great friendship before it went sour.

And so, Diary, the above entry details why I don't trust people. I don't trust anyone anymore, and I don't tell
secrets. I'm not a big secret-sharer. I like my secrets. They're secret.

Love ya,

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