ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
2001-12-11 04:45:25 (UTC)

Brand New Day

Well its been a long ass mutha fucking time since i had a
diary...but i think i need one to manage my thoughts and
record my "exciting" if not pathetic lifestyle.But im not
sure if imma give this address out to my friends because
diaries after all are personnal...then why do i post it on
the net like a ass you ask ? well because of the fact that
i type faster than i write and im on the net so damn
much..besides i think its exciting to just let strangers
find there way to my diary and if there interested enough
to read about my life..well that makes it all worthwhile
then doesnt it?anyways.....

Well today was pretty eventful...i got home and was
chillin after skool when i got a phone call...it was my
friend Derek from Winchester..i was excited to finally hear
his voice in such a long time and when i asked him what he
was doing he said he was back home and in town..i asked who
was with him adn he said LOy came with him...i asked how
long they were visiting for and he said "for
good"..apparently him and Loy hitchhiked and walked from
Winchester all the way to fucking
Cumberland...WTF??!?!?...with virtually NO MONEY or
PERSONAL POSSESIONS.i cant believe they acted so stupidly
so they called me asking for a place to crash or a ride to
Westernport..i however couldnt support either..he said he'd
call back and i havent heard from him all night...hope
everything goes good.
then after all that i got another phone call in the
evening and it was jen ..she wanted to kno if i wanted to
go grocery shopping and to BIG LOTS with her.i said of
course and when ya coming over and she said lets go im in
your driveway..haha she called from her celly.so we headed
to B.L. cuz she needed hair dye and of course we had to
dick around and look at all the shit there.so i got a faygo
and then we ran into jens mom...and we shopped with her for
a bit..i think it was good we ran into her cuz jen and her
mom dont see much of each other anymore...plus she picked
up the tab at BL..thanks for the faygo moms.so then we wnet
to jens apartment and then to the market.after that we got
hungry and went to TACO BELL..cuz its the shit there.so i
got my bean burritos and jen got her chicken quesdilla and
we were set....
By the way jen mentioned that the other night one of
jasons friends stopped by with this boy named Brian....she
said hes a real cutey and that hes sooo nice and kinda
goth..well he asked jen if he knew any girls into Marilyn
Manson and well i was the first person she thought of..i
mean im not into manson and all goth like i used to be..im
a juggalette now..but i do still consider him one of my
fave artist and i really appreciate his work...plus im into
metal and all that and she thinks we will get along..but im
not getting any hopes up because i just went through the
same thing with meeting this kid Joey through my girl
sarah...so im kinda excited to meet this brian kid and i
might get to meet him tommorrow at 10 sec. 1/4 miles band
practice..or if not tommorrow then at the show friday....
i actually thought up sum rather clever stuff for poems
tonight...i need to find waterproof notebooks and pens or
sum shit because i always get my best verses while im in th
shower...maybe its cuz im in complete isolation and im
feeling so soothed that my mind opens up more and i
concentrate better?perhaps...i jyst kno when i get in the
shower sumthin always pops in my head and i alwyas lose it
by the time i get out..it sucks..
oh my ive written waaaay too much...im going to get off
here and go to bed soon..i have skool tommorrow....oh joy