Adia's Crusade
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2001-12-11 04:25:41 (UTC)

My name is Cat.

Dear Diary. That sounds corny, but it'll do. Dear Diary, my name is Cat. You don't know me; you don't know me
at all, but you will. I've never been very good at keeping diaries, simply because I've always thought it was kind
of silly to tell a book or a word processing program about my day. But this is different. Now I am telling people,
people I don't know and probably never will. That's okay, though. I am entertainment. So here goes.

Like I said, my name is Cat. I am a fourteen-year-old freshman in a rural high school in the United States. I
have absolutely NO hand-eye coordination, so I don't play sports. I have excellent foot-eye coordination and
I'm an okay soccer player, but this the sticks. We don't believe in soccer teams, and so I don't play sports.

I get pretty good grades...good enough to get me on the A honor roll. I don't have all that many friends, and I
don't really have a best friend. There's not a lot of selection in a grade that only has 3 dozen students. So I
have a small group of pretty close acquaintances...I don't think I'll have a real friend for awhile, because my
last close friendship (we'll call her Amy) was absolutely disastrous. I'll fill you in on Amy another time.

I'm in a decent mood today...just in one of those "okay, whatever, fine with me" modes. It works. I'm not

But yeah. Well, Diary, I find myself with very little to say, and I'm probably boring all the readers to death, so
I think I'll sign off for today. Now that the introductions are over, the real fun part (the day-to-day events)
can begin tomorrow.

Love y'all,