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2001-12-11 03:49:02 (UTC)


I'm not so sure that I'm ready for Christmas break because
I really don't want to leave my friends for that long of a
period. I don't really have much to do at home and people
there really don't seem to be liking me very much right
now. I honestly cannot stand my hometown...I love my
family but Union is not for me. I only have 2 more exams
this week, Principles of American education and Physics.
Statistics and Organic Chemistry are done and I exempted
English, I turned in my Physics report and so I have to
focus on what I have left. I'm hoping everything turns out
okay this year. I'm really ready for this semester to be
over but I don't want to leave my friends for so long. I'm
ready to see Nick though, I really have missed him a lot
this semester...let's just hope that things go okay with
our friendship!!!!!!!! :) Well, since I'm supposed to be
studying but I'm actually watching wrestling with Sparrow
and Hamilton (oh well...it's not that great but it's better
than studying!!!!!!) Until later...toodles!!!