Forgotten Misery
2001-12-11 03:42:07 (UTC)


Said in a southren accent lol!!!!!!!!Wow im so funny haha
ok anyways today was another day of the same ole stuff
ashley and brandon are together again marissa is going back
to normal we got her off speed for now but whats gonna
happen to her when I leave and she doesnt have me to talk
to all the time im very worried about her but I know im
leaving her in the hands of my other friends who will take
good care of my sis!!!!!!!! I had no choice other than to
speak to kruer today due to chadwick was my ride home cause
I didnt want to drive and hes friends wit him so I had to
sit there as he talked to him then kruer was like how are u
and I said ok and hes like only ok only ok thats not u y
not wonderful great good???? I was like just alot is going
on in my life right now and walked away its none of ur
bussiness boy!!! grr i aint your problem anymore ahhhhhh
punch punch lol dont ask.............................
Talked to my boy today I guess u call it talking sitting
there holding the phone to your ear how fun anyways he let
me go to clean coins um ok u could of done that and talked
to me well wait we werent talking anyways grgrgr k im done
lol I have a band concert tomorrow whoa i get to be at
school at 6:45 and it starts I think at &:)) or &:#)
translation 7:00 or 7:30 hehee merry kissmas yo im getting
tired of that commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sniffles I move in 11 days not counting today that is
depressing the hell out of me I just want to spend every
min with geoff or my friends but neither is happening. I
cant believe im actually moving my parents have been saying
it for so many years now since like 9 grade when my dad
worked in lexington kentucky which he got fired cause he
wouldnt move so then he got the job in OH so and he likes
his job for once and its been along time since my dad has
had a job he likes. In a few years the owner is gona
retire and leave the business to my dad and in turn my dad
will give some of it to toms son in a few years when his
son is ready. Tom and Linda who are the big bosses are
paying the moving cost and they are really good people I
love linda cause im like the daughter she never had but
still all of this is taking its toll on me along with
school is getting real ruff so many test and then finals im
going insane im always stuyding or doing homework. 11 days
wow it cant be i keep saying that its so hard and then i
have to start into a new school whats that gonna be like im
just overwhelmed confussed and very sad............


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