Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2001-12-11 03:12:31 (UTC)

Something Bad and Something Good

If anything, nothing has gone right since I started with
this. Nothing I had planned, worked on or could have hoped
for has come to pass.
My reading at the Thirsty Scholar is temporarily on hold.
Unfortunately, I have no ID and they have this stupid idea
in their heads to require id at a bar. I mean really
what's up with that? So for now that's on hold.
However I did do my reading at Griff's Cavern. That was a
bad thing and a good thing. The bad thing was, the sound
system malfunctioned. Thus, no one could hear me
read "What's Up" or "Cosmic Joyride" once again. I had so
much planned that night. I still went and those poems
along with "Human", "Insanity", "To Be", "Song of
Storms"...overall I was happy with the performance.
Unfortuately no one heard it.
That's okay though. I get to do it again. Which goes to
show you that every cloud has a silver lining. I get to do
it again in January. Fortunately Griff's owner is very
nice and is very willing to try new things.
I've started advertising already. I'm going to rock their
socks off...

New poems included for the collection include

True Rebellion
One Day

as you can see the list grows...
Talk to you all soon...
The Mad Scientist...