Journey to Me
2001-12-11 03:04:12 (UTC)

break break break

i've been so stressed lately. i started this year off so
well! i was making new friends, chad, pete, trey, and tim
across the street, i hung out there EVERY day. we got to be
soo close and jeff and i were good too. then i don't know
what really happened. i started talking to a friend and, then another
friend was mad, then he didn't care, and then jeff was pissed and it
was just me and the girls. and i love the girls and i am SO glad that
we are close, but i like the guys too. i just am not sure
what all went wrong. now i'm getting to know more and more
people and wish i had more time to spend with them all!
i've met a lot of people here at school lately, but i don't
know them like i wish i did. my time is split between to
many people, but not me. i just don't know and i'm so
damned confused!!!

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