lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-11 03:03:30 (UTC)

what ze heck is ze maaaambo?

alright so you probably don't get THAT one either, ok??
well sorry charlies.

well today was a random day. apparently gabe never got
that i was just kidding about having had sex, so he asked
me something about if i'd had sex with some person and i
was like "noo!" and he said, "well who then?" so i tried to
explain that i never had and i wasn't that kind of girl,
etc...and somehow he goes, "you had a kid?" and the poor
boy wasn't joking. oh luther.

and then he said something that was probably the most
vulgar thing i've ever heard and it was about me and it was
horrible and i started like choking when he said it, and of
course mrs. blackmon called on me then, and i felt really
bad cuz i just started laughing. and she's my niiice
teacher. my caleb app teacher. ahh at least she's already
given it to me- she can't do any harm now!!

yeah and then gabe...well he seems to know too much for his
own good. i don't even know what to say about THAT! plus
he's still convinced that bk is in love with him so it's
funny. ahh yes. gabe is my substitute zach, i think.
like zach & i connected cuz of supertones...gabe & i
connected cuz of mxpx. i tell you, music brings people
together :-) oh shut up lindsay.

and after school, we took david rowe shopping (??) and i
bought my dad's christmas present at target cuz i'm classy
like that. ahh yes. and i saw a skater guy with an
eyebrow ring & it reminded me of brosnan and all his
beauty. heh heh. i wonder if i'll ever see him again.
probably since i will de in drving school THE REST OF MY