The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-12-11 02:56:03 (UTC)

These last couple of days have..

These last couple of days have been ones of change. We
actually got 2nd place in JH Knowledge bowl last week,
instead of our usual 1st. School was strange today. Cali
got her hair cut. Whoa. That was different. And the
biggest change of all, the one that's throwing my life
off: my coach moved me from center to defense. 10 years
at center and all of a sudden getting tossed back to
defense. Significantly big change for me. At least I'm
still captain. Nate is coming to the game tomorrow. He's
still going to be Assistant Captain even though he can't
play. Off course, our team didn't get anther player when
Nate got hurt. There's a shocker. Nobody will stand up
for our team. We have 8 plyers and a goalie. The other
team has 10 players and 2 goalies, plus Taylor will
probably be back in two weeks. I'll bet with anybody that
we don't get O'Brien back when Taylor returns and we're
stuck with 9 the whole year while they have 13. I have no
respect for them.