Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-11 02:47:30 (UTC)

Chocolate Boob !

Hey everyone
Sup ? Well not much here ! I am super tired, and ummm my
BOOB hurts!!!!!!! damn it ! LOL ! Steph ! haha Chocolate
Boob GG!!!!!! haha omg ! *breathe* la maz class breathing *
lol adam ! haha ! omg omg omg ! breathe * ok today was
pretty cool I went to Stephs house to hang out for a while
we made cookies, and had a wwf match with her brother !
LOL ! that dang kid ! kick my knees all you want lil man
they are metal your not going to do anything to them !!!!
LOL! we had to walk to her house cause umm.... yea I can't
ride ANY bus for a WEEK ! so stupid!!! Fucking shoeless
tardre!!! LOL ! omg way to much sugar ! umm then I came
home and have been working on this stupid BUDGET
PROJECT!!! urg! ok this thing is so dumb ! I guess it will
not be so bad once I get my quote for my car and for my
apartment but getting those take forever!!!!!! omg !!!!!
geez ! Those of you who don't go to my school (most of you)
will be so lucky you don't have to do this ! Omg ! its a
major pain in the butt!!!!!! haha! anyways ummmmm I found
a 500 min calling card in my brothers wallet last night at
church !!!!! haha and so yea I am keeping it !! its not
like he was actually going to use it !!! geez! and I wore
my kick butt hat from the mall all day today ! :) ! haha !
Oh matt is giving me a ride home tomorrow! LOL !crazy guy!
Today someone asked me if I was going out with him !
LOL !!!! LMAO! wow um..... no we aren't going out ! haha !
wow that was such a laugh ! omg ! no he and I are JUST
FRIENDS! nothing more ! he is a senior! and he is
6'4" !!!! LOL!!!! haha ok he and I would be the frickin odd
couple if we went out ! cause um.. me 4'11" and him 6'4"
lol ! omg *breathe* thats some funny shit ! wow ! no though
seriously even though matt plays guitar and is a total
cutie and sweetheart he is nothing more then like a big
brother/ teddy bear . cause he gives the best comforting
hugs! LOL ! he does seriously ! if I am like having a
really bad day he will give me a hug and they are like big
brother hugs basically ! lol this sounds so weird! but yea
I don't like him like that cause I like adam ! :)!
anyways ..... to the person who keeps writing the 'ummmm'
responses please sign your name or your e-mail!!! but
anyways I gotta bounce!
Nelly !