Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-12-11 02:28:12 (UTC)

Stupid big scary spiders


I did my book review today, and I guess I bluffed it good
because they believed I actually read it. Lol. I didnt.
I know, Im going to Hell. They thought I read it and
enjoyed it. Actually, I like the whole Berlin Airlift
concept. Lol.


I dont like spiders. Especially big ones. and mean people
that lock you in rooms filled with spiders. *grr to kevin
and max and richard and all them* I dont mind bugs, just i
dont like the really really big ones. They give me the


Lol. I say that too much. and stuff. *tries not to say
yeah again*

Anyhoo, matt, i loves you so much sweetie, and huggles
marie jess all ya guyzez, loves yaz too.