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2001-12-11 02:25:41 (UTC)

grrrr! i hate practicing with b-squad!

yeah, tonite we practiced from 3-5. we had 1/2 of the south
gym. it was so full in there! we had to run killers with all
of us runnin at the same time. i kept runnin into
people....it wasn't a very fun thing. we ran and ran and ran
and shot and ran some more. it sucked really bad. i don't
like it when we hafta do that. cali got her hair chopped on
saturday! she got 17 inches off it! it looks so cute tho. we
had conferences tonite. i got A's and A-'s. that's better
than last quarter! i was happy with my grades. ya, that's a
first. my brother is at snowmobile trainin till 10!!! that's
so cool! we have our choir concert on thursday. i really
hope that i don't mess up really bad. i can't wait till
friday night! i'm so excited that i get to go to shelby's
after my game. it should be lots of fun. i think i'm gonna
get goin now. g'night all!