The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-12-11 02:10:12 (UTC)


WOW not only do i get to go on a cruise i also get to go to
a leafs game tomorrow man i LOVE Hockey and i LOVE the
maple leafs!!!!!!! well i invited jen and if she wasn;t
aloud then i was gonna ask sonia... i almost kinda hoped
that jen would say no just cuz i really wanted to go with
sonia.. since i wont be seeing her forever and i will be
with jen all next week
u know wut i think it is
i am inlove with sonia! in undieing love for her. honestly
she is the best person i know and i really love her! she
has her bad qualities but everyone does.. and hers dont
show nearly as much as other peoples!
man i love her so much
thats all for tonight

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