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2001-12-11 02:05:37 (UTC)

im so confused...

dear diary...
im talkin to ma very best friend beverly on the phone right
now but im still trippin bout leon n qbin..

im so happy i have a best friend now.. coz when i got
here. . i thought that making new friends would be so hard
for me ... well we got a new barkada.. ish braviam... its
not new but im a quite a new member of it.. ish koo thank
god that im not with that stupid hoe algrace who keeps on
flirtin with all the guys i talk to .. especially ma
mahal.. qbin.. and leon of course... i dont know how to
tell her to stop firtin with ma mann!!!!! well anyways..
good thing beverly here has no intention in grabbing ma

well.. its ma first time to play.. i love leon but i love
qbin too... leons the type of guy ive been looking for.. i
just want him to know that i dont want to get rid of him..
but i have choise coz its like he doesnt have anymore time
for me.. its ok naman sa kin eh... he just doesnt want to
hurt me... he says that we dont want to but anyways..