Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-11 01:41:33 (UTC)


Hey well, ya, I just got home from Iowa City, and I have a
crapload of work to do before I go back to school tomorrow.
ugh. Ya well, I had an eye doctor appointment in Iowa, I've
been going there since I was three, and everything was
good, except the doctor said that the blurriness I've been
having in my eyes could either be my migraines, or
something as bad as me throwing blood clots or even a
stroke. I was like WTF! I'm only 15! But they took my blood
pressure and stuff, and he says that he doesn't think its
serious, but to keep watching it. So ya, I hope I dont die
soon. If I do, the message to all my friends is that I love
you and I'm so greatful to all of you, and to my family,
and even though I told everyone I was over him, I want Zack
to know that I love him. But ya, hopefully I won't die, so
its all good!

Anyways...there is this school dance on saturday, and as of
the moment, I'm not going! I was gunna go at first, but
then when me and zack started going out, he said he didn't
want to go and that he wanted to just take me out to
dinner, but ya I guess that's not gunna happen now. And I
don't have anything to wear, and I guess all my friends
went together and got outfits already. Oh well, I'll just
go catch a movie with my cousin or something, or maybe
there is another friend that isn't going and we'll just
chill, I dont know. Oh well I guess I'll just do whatever
comes to me at the moment, but ya.

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