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2001-12-11 01:40:53 (UTC)

First day back first day back to skool..i was soo happy. My mom
was nice enuff to let me sleep in so i got to skool around
4th prd. The rest of the day just went by normally..i got
to see the girl i like. I talked to her at lunch..she is
so beautiful..haha i am crazy. Well..then i saw her in 6th
period..and i got her phone number. But i dun know if she
is too interested..she must be if she gave me her #
right???? I dun know wat to do. I am too skared to call
her! anyways. I been just hangin around
home..i missed all my friends soo was great
to see them again. I got over my ex..she lied to me bout i just finally told her how i felt..and then i
felt soooo much better. anyways..thats all