ambiant pisces
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2001-12-11 01:06:46 (UTC)

saturday night

so the asylum was in the middle of the main district of
springfield. it wasn't hard to find at all, but snow was
coming down in sheets and it was extremely hard to see. the
line wasn't too long when we got there, but twenty minutes
after our arrival, it was jammed pack! well when we got
in...tammy and amanda and i kinda separated for a little
bit, they went to the bathroom and i went to dance. the
music was awesome! and my roll was starting to kick in. i
was dancing hardcore! hehe. yea i was enjoyin myself,
wicked! there is something i regret though. amanda was my
best friend in the world. i know i shouldn't have asked her
to kiss me. i feel like an ass and i'm wicked sorry. i'm
gonna call her up soon and ask for her forgiveness. it
bothers me sooo much that i did . that's one of the reasons
why i wouldn't roll anymore. that little incident kinda did
it for me. anyhow, i saw kerrin there, the kid that hangs
around sarajane a lot. he's cool. he can dance too. well.
the night went on and amanda and tammy found something to
do. wink. haha. there was this wicked hot girl that was
friends with kerrin. she was cool, she was twenty, she was
a lesbian. so i told her she was pretty, she told me she
was a lesbian, no bummer. but then she told me her friend
was gay...but he was i said i wasn't
interested. damn smokers. haha. we got to dancing and i
soon never saw her again. no big loss. that night i kinda
lost interest in hooking up with anybody. that's not what i
go to raves for...but there are some decent people to meet
and just hang around with. the girl brink that i saw at
scream three also came. she was really cool and she can
dance really well also. it's really nice to meet people you
know at raves. she was one of those people that you're
happy to see again. after my roll faded i felt like shit!
shit happens but i'm over now. i kinda miss that kid that i
saw at the palladium. he was really cool and someone that i
would like to hang out with a little more. too bad he
didn't get in. it was a great night. i felt really good
after that rave...and sleepy. so when we left it was
slushy, my pants got wicked wet, the car was covered in
snow, had to brush it off, warmed the car, and kinda went
home. i felt wicked sleepy so i pulled over to sleep. not
that i don't trust tammy, but i wouldn't let her drive.
it's not her at all actually, it was me. i didn't want her
to be tired and all that. i want her to chill and rest. i
hope she didn't take it offensively. she did offer for us
to sleep over at her house. but i was incredibly dirty
after all that sweat. hehe. i went home...and slept the
entire day! the entire day! till i woke up and went to
school this morning. that kinda reminds me. when amanda saw
micro, she went crazy! the girl screamed all over the
place! haha. i was glad she as much fun as she did. at
least she enjoyed it. well, i've decided that i wouldn't
want to go to another rave anytime soon...maybe i'll change
my mind if something good comes up. trance buddha will do
on thursday nights. hehe. well. that's the end of my
experience. love y'all. "running down the way up" bt.

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