My Chaotic life
2001-12-11 01:02:04 (UTC)

first one!

Okie dokie...I wonder who if anyone will ever read my
online diary. I wonder too what I should write in it.
First I should introduce myself. Hello. I am Stephanie.
I am a freshman at a very libral chain of a major
university in california. I am an intended Theatre Arts
major with an emphasis in Design/Technology. I am a libra
which makes me a very romantic, yet calm person. I am
involved in theatre and hope some day to be a professional
stage manager. I am learing a lot about lighting design
right now so my plans may soon change. I hope some day to
be the vocalist for a jazz band. I enjoy to watch theatre,
movies and read. I have an affinity for comedy(especially
British!!) and people who make me laugh. I am a bit of a
theatre nerd. I am currently enjoying learning how to
paint and draw. I enjoy to crochet and knit and cook. I
am a bit of a slob. I have a tendency to name inatimate
objects, such as my car (supercar) and my computer
(oliva). I enjoy listening to jazz and all it's branches.

(A strange introduction to my life and now the commentary.
I hope that the average person would not find me boring
from that quaint description. I know that if I read that
as an observer I would not really be interested in the
person, if only because they have similar character
traits/aspirations. Sigh...I hope that people would not
judge me only on these things and yet. Aha...you have
nothing to judge me but those things...and this strange
commentary I have started typing. What if any relevancy is
it that I listen to jazz. Could you point me out in a
line up? Doubt it!! unless I was wearing an "I love jazz"
t-shirt, reading a book about british comedy, was laughing
and carying a theatrical lighting instrument!

enough commentary for now....good bye...perhaps I'll talk
to you soon!

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