The Basement
2001-12-11 01:00:53 (UTC)

Regina ...

Haha, now dis ish risky to write 'bout since one of mah
friends now how to hack computers... anyhoo notice da topic
of todays entry? Regina Kim ish mah korean friend dat I had
a crush on in 7th grade. I'm all confused becuz I got over
her last year at da end of da year.Den wit mah luck, she
ends up in mah class again. Not to mention somehow she
always ends up in all da activity groups our teacher
assigns us. Greeeattttt...dat does NOT make my life any
better. She's not lyke all da other gurls I usually go for.
She's just..iono... I feel weird around her. She makes me
uneasy but den at da same tyme I want to be near her.I'm
really confused and mah headache from todays test isn't
helping any. Dis ish peachy...really peachy... I just wanna
go lie down and fall asleep forever...*sigh* I help out all
my friends I can, but I dun think I'll try to help egina as
much...I mean she's da smartest student in our class but
she's sometimes gets too close...lyke for example we sit in
math class. She's great in math so I usually sit at da
table beside hers and try to copy off her paper. She would
den whine but smile and let me copy it anywayz.She den ask
me to sit next to her so she can copy off my history paper.
So I sit then she would always unconsciously drive me
insane by leaning too close or something. Sure yea I admit
I sorta in a way flirt wit her but in another way I'm just
trying to be friendly. Uggghhh!! I'm really confused. Maybe
I should just keep away from would be
mean... I dunno wat to do...her b-day ish coming up too.
since its Christmas soon too, I'm just gonna get her one
big present. I bought her a brown teddy bear wit a
scarf.Its fuzzy and da black eyes annoy me a bit but its
pretty cute. I bought mah other friend, Christina, a
stuffed cow since she loves cows.I dun kno wat to get da
other 50 people I kno but I'll try to find something
hopefully. Today it was raining. All my firends where
huddled in one azn group trying to keep warm while I was
running around in da rain. I love the rain....but not dat
much in da winter...I ended up all soaking wet in math
class. Regina dn mah other friend where trying ta get away
from me since every movement I made sent water everywhere.
I pushed my friend, nicole, into da rain since she's so
small. She's lyke a lil philipino elf or something. haha.
Regina was bigger so it was hard pushing her. I hugged her
and dumped her in da rain instead. She smacked me on da arm
but it was funny seeing her and nicole wet. All three of us
got in trouble but it was worth it. O.o waaiiitt....does
dat count as flirting?! sheesh....I have a major headache
now...I mean I love J...den deres Regina who I LYKE... I
dun kno..I dun care. Things will work out for themselves I
guess. hopefully non of my friends will read this....
logging out now...baibai

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