The Life And Times of Kara
2001-12-11 00:44:48 (UTC)

Hi!Let s is about 7pm..

Hi!Let's is about 7pm on a Monday night. I am
sitting here in front of the computer as usual doing
nothing. No one is online tonight. Well, that makes sense.
Other people have lives. But no, not me. But I will later
in the week. Yay! Let's see...where could people be...well
some of my friends are at Visions practice so that they
actually look good at the concert on Wednesday...too bad I
probably won't get to see them seeing as they are on after
the Jazz Band and I will be going to put my stuff away
then. I guess I could go and stay and watch...maybe I will.
Nothing like watching people dance and sing!
Anyways...tomorrow will be a good day at school because it
is an Activity Period and the periods will be shortened.
And I get to go to a NHS meeting! Yay! Those are usually
pretty interesting. So today I have officially decided that
I need a man. It's been long enough since I've had one so I
need to find me one! Love is a strange thing, it is both
good and bad. It can make you very happy but then turn
around and slap you in the face and knock you to the
ground. But when it is all said and done you are stronger
and as I have been told closer to finding the one. Which
will be great. But I enjoy this whole experiencing life
thing. It is really great. Let's see...anything exciting
happen today? Um...well I felt like crap this morning and
wanted to go home and sleep but I got over that quick. Day
was pretty dull...but at lunch Kevin came over and told a
couple dirty jokes and then Kristin did (I think...I dunno
I was kinda out of it) so that made me happy. I am always
in the mood for a good dirty joke! Oh so who is Kevin and
Kristin you ask? Well, Kevin is my ex but we are still
pretty good friends and we talk a bunch. Kristin is one of
my only friends left going to high school because most of
my friends graduated. Boohoo...but that is ok. I am sure I
will write about more of my friends later!