Squeeb's world
2001-12-11 00:43:27 (UTC)


Wow! This is my last week of classes!! Like for good. Well I
think. Unless in the future I decided to upgrade to a BSW or
MSW but that won't be until after I've worked for awhile. In
anycase, next semester I'm on placement so no more classes.
Yeehah! And I have my last test tomorrow for which I should
be studying but I am doing anything but... silly me!
I was talking to my cousin earlier. She's so funny. She's
going to come over to my house on Saturday when I get home.
Yay! I miss her. We're supposed to be exchanging presents
then too.
Speaking of presents- I went Christmas shopping today and
I was actually productive! I got everybody done except for
my sister, Phil and my Uncle. Oh and possibly Scott. I
haven't decided if I'm getting him anything yet. I was
waiting to see if he was actually coming up first. And then
I was thinking of getting him a jar of nuts- LOL just cuz
that one day we were talking and he was playing with his
nuts- he's so cute.
Anyways I should actually get back to studying. Oh yes
and I owe an apology to Tiff for being such a bitch in my
last entry. Sorry, just defending my boys!

Current mood: happy
Current music: "Where You Take Me"- Britney Spears- I LOVE
This cd!!