Don Juan

2001-12-10 23:59:23 (UTC)

Cleaning it out

I cleaned out my diary today. I got rid of about 20
entries. They just made me sad when I read them... they
were all about one topic, and she's not in my life
anymore... so, no real need in still reading about it. I'm
almost relieved it didn't work out with her... if it had,
I'd have never even thought about Hope. And, I don't
know... maybe she's better for me than my 'perfect girl'
ever could have been. I don't know... maybe I deleted some
of the entries because I slipped and told hope that I had
an online diary. Maybe I didn't want her to see how
pathetic I really was. Maybe that had something to do with
it too... I don't know, probably did. Oh well.