2001-12-10 23:19:27 (UTC)

More Signs of Christmas

I went to the post office today and found it all decorated.
There's a cardboard Santa on the door, a cardboard on the
wall, a little Christmas tree in the lobby, and tinsel all
around the doorways. I suspect that none of this stuff is
allowed if one read the rule books but happily, no one seems
to and it does make things more cheerful. Mrs. Moore wanted
to know where John bought the locking mailbox we have but I
told her I wasn't sure. I asked him later and he said Home
Depot so I'll have to remember to tell her the next time I
see her. She wanted to get one for herself. She said she
likes it because the slot is larger than it is in most of
them and she can get larger pieces of mail in. I
appreciate it that too as otherwise I'd have to drive to
post office to get them.

I saw one house on the highway which had lights shaped like
a red bow in their window. I liked that. Plain and simple,
but nice.

The local market has all their Christmas items out now but
it isn't much. I remember they used to have more. They
have bags of hard candies but no chocolate Santas and only a
small display of Christmas cards.

I spent most of the morning baking Christmas cookies and I
suspect that is how I'll spend most of mornings for the next
week or so. I'm going to try to make at least two recipes
per day, perhaps more if I can.