2001-12-10 23:08:05 (UTC)


Dear Scribe~

Nothing nice has happened today. I was gutted by an
unreal chemistry final today; I could've studied more but
it wouldn't have helped. I'm completely re-arranging my
schedule tomorrow or Wednesday; I'm taking 2 history
courses, a poli-sci course, and an ethics course, possibly
replacing the poli-sci with macro-econ but I have to work
that out. I miss Erin. I miss her being unique and having
something to her than most women do; I hope that when I see
her again what I'm feeling is true and not some unreality I
made up because I miss her attention. I guess I'll find
Do I belong at RMC....that is the question. If I
don't get straight A's for the rest of my first year the
decision may be made for me, otherwise, I guess i'll have
to evaluate it after the spring semester. William and Mary
would be nice, but they may not accept me with a 3.1111.
If they don't, i guess my options are to convince my folks
to let me stay at RMC until my grades go furthur up.

What is my goal in life?