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Emo Violence
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2001-12-10 23:00:15 (UTC)


no not at all. im a little sad though. weekend went great,
show went amazingly awesome, 175 kids paid, in a 70 max
venue, after paying all the bands, jeff, and the light boy
exceptionally more, i still made over 200. so thats cool
deal. im siked for get up kids and alk 3 on thrusday WOO
HOO, maybe i can stay home weds too, to bake cookies with
mom. and get cleaning ect. otherwise cool cool. after
scool today matt and i were gonna west chester tattoo it.
but alas, just as we were about to leave his house to go,
litereally ABOUT TO WALK OUT THE DOOR, the phone rings, its
his work, he has to go to work, so his mom takes me home
and now im home bored. maybe we can go to west chester when
hes done work. my mom called, she wont be home till 8:30.
we can do west chester in 3 hours! well maybe not anyway.
prolly just do it otmmrow. nick came to the show, we were
huggin adn stuff, i guess we shouldnt have cause he said he
was tired and didnt wanna hook up. but yeah. zac and i
went with this girl to get a cake, hes really nice. blah
*swoon* haha. cry. too. i like brand new, they are good
stuff. time to go, maybe. my lips are chapped.

zac and i are working on a rainer maria show. he breaks my
heart. dont. he hates mandy, that makes me sad. i hope he
doenst talk smack on me.