Crazy Thoughts
2001-12-10 22:51:30 (UTC)

I feel sick...Wesley feels sick....Adam is crippled....and Nelly has a burnt boob!

What a day, what a day! Nelly came over after school after
she walked home with me in her socks! (fucking shoeless
retaurd! lol) and we called Adam when we got back to my
house, he wrote both of us last night and I can't wait to
get his letter in the mail! We also talked to Wesley, I
love ya babe!, but he stayed home from school today because
he wasn't feeling better-the crippled Adam didn't even know
that he was home-they could have been doing who knows what
while Nelly and I suffered another long day of school
(actually Nelly called Adam at school, no fair!) But it was
fun when we baked cookies and Nelly ate MY EASY MAC! haha!
and I forced her to eat a cookie right out of the oven and
I ended burning my finger and some of the cookie fell onto
her chest and burnt her too! It was hilarious! Oh jeeze, i
feel sick, eating cold meatballs isn't good for you (haha
I'll type more when i don't have such a stomach ache!
lil p