All in the Night
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2001-12-10 22:47:41 (UTC)


Omg, it's raining today and it's soooo cold!!!! This is
liek the first time it's rained in FOEVER! Agh, it's
finally starting to feel like Chrstmas! I mean not to
complain or anything b/c i love warm weather, but it's just
not been Christmas-y....it's been like 70. Umm...anyways,
so today was pretty boring. Oh except for the fact that i
heard CJ and Andrew had an INTERESTING conversation...and
of course Cj told Sarah, and then wellwhatever, it all got
back around to me...so what did you talk about Andrew???
Lol Cj humped my back when i was in third period too....
and made a nice comment. lol. I'm glad that everyone has
been getting along lately, it's so nice to not be fighting
with people! But anyways, i need to go and practice for
piano so i'm out!