"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-12-10 22:39:26 (UTC)

Hey once again

Hey!!!! I am doing pretty good today nuttin really
went wrong today that i know of. In band I got hit on once
again by Tiffany Moore and it wasnt good she tring to get
hook up with Brandon Evans Tiffanys kool but not to go out
with. I just dont like ehr like that. Matt was like man
your dumb. Then after a while me Tiffany and Matt played a
little True or dare. Matt stupid butt is going to try to
dare me to run my hands up and grab tiffanys boobs. And
you know what i did. I didnt do it. I was like I ate
going to do that. not that i was scared its just not
Tiffani wrote this thing on her old name tag thing adn
she said I cant read it and I havent but if I wait much
longer i am going to have to read it. But if I hold out
long enough I will forget about it. So its all good. well
i guess i am going to go. I know its short but its sweet.#3

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