My MeSsEd up LiFe; Maybe...
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2001-12-10 22:24:38 (UTC)

People are just odd!!

This one person keeps IMing me, I have no idea who i'm
talking to cause its on their friends sn that I know. I
dont even wanna hear about how she (my friend but I have no
idea who the hell this person is) went to a concert. Like i
care?! NO! People these days I tell ya! One thing I get so
sick of is that so many people go to me for advice and sure
I'll give it to them but when I need it they never know
what to say or just tell me they are busy. Like right now,
my one friend won't even talk to me!!!!!! She's prolly
talking to her guy friend that she wont even tell me if
shes dating him or not!!! I hate that!! God!! I mean,
atleast tell me you are busy, dont ignore me cause that
gets me so mad!! *sigh* just some of my friends get on my
nerves so much! ignore me when busy, never give me advice
but gotta give them some, etc etc. Well i should go, I need
to call Heather to find out whats up wit her n Russell.
She's always going back to that boy and GRRRRRR! She knows
how much I hate him, cause he treated me sooooo bad! Oh
well, I'm gonna be so pist if she wont tell me, which she
usually does cause me and her have been friends for 10
years now. So well, I'll tell you about it tomorrow cause i
know I wont be writing anymore tonight, and I'm sure of

*Homie S*

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