sarah beara

sarah beara
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2001-12-10 22:13:17 (UTC)


i've realized that i can't do this my whole life. i am
miserable in this job. i can handle it for a short while -
but i dread getting up for work every morning. i try and
think of a reason to stay home. if it wasnt' for my car
payment i would quit and waitress for a while. but i need
the money. i need the security this job provides right now.

but i can't do the same thing everyday for much longer. i
can't have the same routine every single day of my life. i
need more. i need something more fulfilling...

i can't wait to go to school. not only will i be near
brett - but i will be taking the biggest step toward my
future that i've ever taken.

i can't wait...

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