sarah beara

sarah beara
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2001-12-10 22:10:14 (UTC)


i am the happiest i've been for a while right now. i'm so
very content with things in my life...minus work anyway. i
have found a guy that is so amazing. he makes me feel
things that i never thought i would feel again (after my
other relationships). he makes me so happy. happier than
i've been in a very long time.

i can't wait til we can meet. til we can look into each
others eyes and not have to say a word - just know what the
other is feeling. til we can hold each other and kiss each

i want to be near him so bad it hurts. so bad that i find
it difficult to concentrate on anything else most of the

when i talk to him i feel like i'm on vacation. like he
takes away the worries of the day and makes everything
better with a few words.

he is truly amazing. everything i see and learn about him
makes me have an even greater interest in him. he makes me
tingle just thinking about him. he makes me smile so big
and so much my cheeks hurt.

he is so smart, interesting, funny, sweet, caring,
romantic, compassionate. he is everything. he is MY

i long for the days when we can be together.

you know, i never could have imagined - not in a million
years - that we would have these feelings for each other.
it is all so awesome and amazing that we've found each
other...we bumped right into each other. we could have
passed each other right up - thankfully, we did not.

i am so very thankful for him being in my life. he makes
things in the future seem so worthwhile. he makes me aware
of things that i have waiting for me in the future that i
wasn't even sure were there. he has faith in me. he
provides me with the motivation that i need to do what it
takes to give myself the future i've always wanted/dreamed
of. i am so incredibly thankful for that.

i thank God everyday for him. for his existence. for the
happiness he brings to me.

i am also thankful that God didn't let us get away from
each other so easily a few weeks ago. when i felt like i
might have been ready to throw everything away, i'm
thankful that something told me not to. something (besides
brett) told me that there was something good in store and
to stick it out...and help him through it. and i did. and
i'm very thankful for that.

i know now that no matter what happens - we will always be
there for each other. we can get through anything. we can
overcome any obstacle that is thrown our way. we are
stronger than that.

brett, i love you.