My MeSsEd up LiFe; Maybe...
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2001-12-10 22:01:03 (UTC)


Hey! This is my first entry!! YaY! LoL! Ok so yeah, my name
is Stefanie and I'm 16. Now that sounds like i'm at a AAM
or something! LOL! I dont do stuff like that, I mean I
wanna but I just dont for many reasons. Anyway, I'm single
= ( very sad. I know I'll find a guy but I just want
someone right now cause I'm going threw so much and yeah!
Oh well.
The poems I write show how I'm feeling and they have strong
feelings in them. A lot are about guys cause I've had some
bad times wit guys and the ones that I did, are just evil
and I hate them now and well they hate me! But that doesn't
really bother me much only one does, cause I liked him a
lot *sigh* thats alright, I'm better off. Anyway! Moving
on, LoL. Right now BsB is playing! YEAH!!! LoL! I just love
those guys! I especially loooove AJ!! Oh god he's just so
hott! hehe = ) Oh and I'm trying to become a famous
singer...might not happen but people say I got a good
voice, it just needs to mature cause yeah lol. I know it's
got to do that since I'm still young and yeah. My voice is
alright I guess, I just wish it could be ALOT better but oh
well. This one girl said I sang like Britney Spears, but
when she was my age. Maybe I do.....
Ok there's this guy I like sooo much, but we are friends
and he was like my first guy friend when I moved to this
town. Yeah I moved from this town at 6 to live wit my mom n
step father n then moved back here when I was 12 cause my
grandma died....her death did something to me. Thats
another time to explain. But anyway, he only likes me as a
friend and won't date me. He's like sooo nice and I really
like him! But yet of course I always gotta get bad ones,
never nice ones. So I'm not gonna look for a guy right now.
Though I still want one, I dont wanna end up like my best
friend Heather is right now. She's having BIG problems wit
her n her boyfriend and I just dont want that. Mike is also
moving (the guy that I like and my friend) in Feb!!! I'm so
upset cause I'm hoping he doesn't leave on my birthday!!!!
Grrr! lol Goodness! Oh well he said he is only like 30
minutes away from here, so i'll be able to see him!!! = ) I
gotta become more friendly wit him!.... Yesterday.. I went
over Chrissie's and had alot of fun. I havent gone out wit
friends in atleast a month. I'm just never up to it
anymore! Also I'm looking for a job, I have no idea where I
wanna work. Liz keeps telling me I should work at shop rite
but I dont know, I cant work past a certain hour cause
yeah. I'll find something, just not gonna work at shop
rite! lol I cant even see myself working there! I wouldn't
be able to deal wit the people anyway! Goodness some of
those people are a pain in the butt! I'd so get fired like
the first week I would be there. LoL Sad I know but I know
that would so happen! I had a job over the summer but I
quit cause of reasons...I didnt like that job anyway. But
it gave money...Oh well. Well, I'm gonna go now. I think I
wrote enough for tonight. I'll try to write to you
tomorrow. Buh Byes!!

Homie S!