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2001-12-10 21:58:20 (UTC)

my horible monday

this has had to have been one of the worst days yet!!! the
guy that i like is totaly ignoring me and he is all over
this backstabing loser!! yea well i will get over it
because at least the other guy that I like likes me too
(i hope) well he used to because i have been thinkging of
him everyday!! he is soooo sweet to me, and he i really
hott and nice and funny and he is just awsome. His name is
anthony and i like him sooo much, but i havn't seen him
very much lately because of the new semester. I wish i just
had the guts to go up to him and tell him that i likes him
and to ask him out, but i guess i am a gutless chicken and
i am never going to work up enough nerve to ask anybody
out. but then again they probably wouldn't go out with me
because i never can think of anything to talk about and i
am the quietest person i know! ahhhh i don't know what to do
i really need a boyfriend, and fast, but he has to be hott
and sweet and perfect just like anthony before i will go
out with him. because my standards are way to high and i am
just to stuck up and selfish and stupid to lower them for
anyone. AHHHH i want to go to sleep.

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