Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
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2001-12-10 21:40:31 (UTC)


i got to spend the day with stefan saturday!! him and his
mum picked me up at Michaels where my sister works, and we
went to Wal-mart where we met this nifty do0d that sed he
would give them a computer he built...
and so we went to stefan's house and spent the day.. teh
guy came over and tried to hook up the puter, but it was
hard.... mhmm.
so, then we saw Thirteen Ghosts. it was Soooooo co0L!! it
was just like Silent Hill! so freakie.. hehe

so yea.. me and ave had an argument.. grrr! he sed he was
gonna visit me tho!! *beams* in february... how nifty.. i
hope he sticks to that plan. i would hate myself if i led
him to not want to come up.. OY..
anyway, im still waitin for my ava to be submitted, and
all that. so till then ill jus use the damn thing. BAHHH
ok Cya!


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