intra venus
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2001-12-10 21:21:08 (UTC)


well, today is going to be a day to catch up on work for
finals. I already know that i am going to be working my ass
off to try to get things done. i have done nothing so far,
but i plan on being up ALL night working. anyway, i can't
WAIT for the break---not school until january 14 2002! i
don't even want to think about college at all! i just want
to sit and work on some things that I want to do for
myself. that's the only thing i really don't like about art
classes, so much time is spent on direction. directing
everyone how to get to a "place" in their work, but no one
really achieves that in the semester. i don't know, maybe
i'm being over analytical, but i would ideally like to go
in there and do my own fucking thing.
one of my past instructor's keeps e-mailing me--wanting to
go out. don't worry, it's a she. i have no idea why she
would even want to see me anymore. she's always saying how
much she misses me, but this is the same person who failed
me on project (that i worked 48 hours STRAIGHT). she claims
that she was trying to help me realize that i didn't belong
in fashion---well, you could have done that in another way
besides failing someone.
i just saw that video for "what's going on" and i just
laughed when fred durst made his appearence. This is the
same person in that band......ummmmm...limp bizkit?
anyway, i must go. going to stay over my gram's house.
i work so much better there/not as many
oh, and he is back to reading my shit again! what the fuck
is this all about? he just picks up some papers in my room-
luckily for the final i am writing, and just starts
reading. they have absolutely NO relevance to him. why in
the fuck would you do that? it's nothing new, but it's just
irritating in a way that is hard to believe. AHAHAAHAHAAH!
i dream of the day i don't wake up where i am now.

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